Carpe diem….seize the day…sometimes you just have to drop more “important” things to savor the moment nature offers you. This can be true at any time of year but I feel the most sense of urgency in spring. The variables of temperature and precipitation can make or break a wildflower season or the amount of time you have to enjoy the fleeting beauty of bulbs or flowering trees.

Joy Albright-Souza under the Plum Tree

Under the Plum Tree

I have several old plum trees on the periphery of my garden. They are the rootstock of old orchard trees whose fruiting tops are long gone and the vigorous remains survive with no care from me. Every year, when they bloom, I take as much time as I can to enjoy their beauty, from the fat bud stage that attracts a feeding frenzy of small birds to the heady grape-punch fragrance of the open blossoms to the final snowy shower of white petals as the green leaves emerge. In addition to my own enjoyment, every year I think…I should have a little picnic under the canopy to share the moment with someone else. But up till now, the vagaries of life and the timing of the blossoms have kept that from happening. This year, the largest of the trees has split in an early winter windstorm, so I know that this could be the last spring for at least one of the trees. So that, combined with the un-seasonably early bloom from the warm winter temperatures, made me determined to seize the day. I assembled some quick food and drinks in a couple of baskets and invited a friend who had just had a birthday. Together we enjoyed a glorious moment as the sun lit up the fragrant blossoms with a late afternoon glow and slowly eased into the western horizon.

Plum Blossom Picnic

Plum Blossom Picnic

So whether it’s a cup of tea around a pot of tulips, a cocktail beside a prized flowering shrub or a sandwich under a tree in a city park….take an hour to celebrate the season and seize the day.

Recipe: Quickie Sandwich Bites for an Impromptu Picnic

Fresh bread

Soft goat cheese

Tart Jam or marmalade (I used a lime/pear jam I had on hand)

Crisp apple slices w/ a squeeze of lemon

Fresh ground pepper

Assemble and run to the garden or get fancy and trim crusts and cut into shapes

Serve with tea, a glass of wine or an easy cocktail…but most of all…..enjoy.

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One Comment on “Enjoy….now.”

  1. laurie k
    March 7, 2012 at 6:10 am #

    This is a great picnic idea. I think I’ll try the sandwich bites. Adore your site.

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