Eggs-ceptional; Natural Colors for Eggs

They’re a classic for Easter, but now that so many people are keeping their own chickens, colored eggs are fun to do anytime of year. I’ve been dyeing eggs with natural pigments since I was a kid and I still can’t help putting new things into the pot to see what happens. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Here are  my results for this year.

Naturally colored eggs in bowl

A bowl of eggs dyed with items from the garden and cupboard

Whenever I hard boil eggs, that I plan to put back into the fridge, I drop a few onion skins into the pot which colors the shells a golden brown and makes them readily identifiable from the un-boiled ones. So, as a short-cut, I decided to see how much success I would have boiling the possible dye items at the same time as I was cooking the eggs. The results were so-so, with most of the items not really taking the color until after they were removed from the stove and several teaspoons of vinegar were added to the water.

Eggs ready for dying

A few supplies

Eggs in progress

Ready to boil and make the dye

Below are the items I used this year and the results after sitting in the dye for two hours. I encourage everyone to play around with items in the kitchen and the garden and see what happens.

Eggs in dye baths

In the dye baths

What I used and why, going clockwise from bottom left;

Beet juice – a classic

Chili powder – Turmeric works well and I have alot of chili powder on hand right now so..

Blood orange – An “old” one was sitting around. I actually cuddled an egg inside the hollowed out halves

Pepper paste – Just curious, but the oil in the mix kept the color from clinging well

Mixed berries – blueberries are a classic, this is a frozen mix I had

Fresh grass – because it stains the laundry

Onion skins – tried and true

Naturally dyed eggs

The dyes and the results

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