DIY Sunset; Capture Garden Light with Backlit Foliage

Albright-Souza Into The Light Img8232Gentle-misty morning light, cool-textural shadow play, sweet-pure winter light…of all the wonderful natural light effects that can enliven our gardens, I think my personal favorite is evening light. That low western beam that signals the settling of the day and which is best experienced with a deep sigh and a nice drink in hand.

Albright-Souza Into the LIght 3682

When I’m creating planting designs, I always consider where the sun will be at different times of day and in different seasons. My favorite thing to do, if I can, is to position a plant with dark foliage, in a western direction.

Into The Light 8223

Plants with dark foliage, under typical daylight conditions will recede from the eye into the distance, providing interesting contrast in a garden composition. But when a plant with dark foliage is backlit by the sun, it will burst into a spectacular lighting effect that blazes with glory as the sun moves behind its leaves.

Albright-Souza Into The Light 8546

Nice but…..

Albright-Souza Into The Light 3070


When positioned to take advantage of the low evening light, a back-lit plant serves as kind of a hallelujah chorus to celebrate the days end.

Albright-Souza Into The LIght IMG2618Albright-Souza Into The Light IMG2620


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