Raspberries; A Moment in Thyme

AlbrightSouza Raspberries 7041I made a lovely discovery in the garden the other day….one of those little “gifts” the garden gives you sometimes. It happened as I was picking raspberries…or truthfully, I was popping ripe raspberries directly into my mouth as I wandered through the early summer garden on a warm afternoon.  Anyway, I’d planted a group of thornless berries in a semi-shady spot near an area where guests can reach directly over and pull ripe berries from the vine as we relax in conversation or in the midst of an outdoor game.

AlbrightSouza Raspberries 7039To diverge for a moment, I’ve been recommending thornless berries in my designs for several years now. They are so beautiful when they flower in spring, tasty and pretty as they’re fruiting,  and  easy to grow, especially in semi-coastal climates. In fact, if you have trouble growing a great tomato, because it’s too cool, you can grow very nice berries – think of it as a terrific consolation prize. I love the newer thornless varieties which make it easy to include them in garden settings and much nicer for picking.  The raspberries are the first to ripen, the blackberries will be ready  in a few more weeks. Some of the varieties even produce a second crop later in the season.

AlbrightSouza Raspberries 7065So, as I was saying, I was picking warm ripe raspberries and a particularly long branch wasn’t being supported so the ripening berries, at the tip, had been lying in a bed of thyme at the base of the plant. I didn’t think much about it until I tasted the gently thyme-laced flavor of the berries as the tender fruit bruised in my mouth. It was such a lovely nuance to the tart sweet raspberry that it took me by surprise and I immediately wanted to re-experience the herbal fruity combination, but I had eaten all the berries. At least the ones that had been ripening all season in their cushy, fragrant bed, so I needed to find another way to provide the flavor the garden had just given me.

Here is the kitchen version of my garden experience, which takes much less time…and thyme.

AlbrightSouza Summerthyme Raspberries

Recipe;  Joy’s Summer-thyme Raspberries

Per serving;

1/3 cup plain Greek-style yogurt

Drizzle with Tablespoon of honey

¼ cup fresh raspberries (strawberries will be great too)

Finely clipped fresh thyme leaves to taste (a “pinch” will do it)

Best served with the berries warm from the sun.

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