In the Garden; Ode to Orange

Albright-Souza Flowering Pear

Orange yes…but specifically Pantone 17-1463 Tangerine Tango, that was declared the Color Of The Year for 2012. Sometimes  glowing with subdued passion, sometimes erupting into an all-out fire-y blaze, like the tango dancers I enjoyed in Buenos Aires, the color orange is always alive with a sultry warmth.

Albright-Souza Tango Dancers at Teatro Almacen

Almacen, San Telmo, Buenos Aires

Of course, in the garden, we traditionally celebrate orange in the fall as the air turns crisp and many trees and shrubs give us a visual symphony of oranges, yellows and reds, and all the glorious tones in between, as they return their leaves back to the earth.

Albright-Souza Cercis Leaves

But let us also take a moment to be thankful for the blazing oranges of summer. The ones that add the extra sizzle to the flower border as they dance with the colors around them.

Albright-Souza Orange Canna Border

Sometimes orange brings nuance in the form of a stripe or an edge that lights up just for a few moments as the sun rises or dips low in the sky.

Albright-Souza Orange Aloe Edge crp

Let us also recognize the oranges of spring; the poppies and tulips and other early flowers that warm our hearts after the winter and bring the promise of vigor and light for another year.

Albright-Souza Orange Poppies 3097

We can’t forget the value of the succulent, citrus namesake itself. What can gladden the heart and tongue more than the juicy beauty of a golden orb of orange or tangerine or their other tasty cousins?

Albright-Souza Succulent Orange Slice

So whether in foliage, fruit or flower, glowing subtly or outrageously bright, let us celebrate the color orange in all its glory, throughout the garden and throughout the year.

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