Easy Garden Cocktail; Red White and Blue Spritzer

It’s summertime and the sippin’ is easy. No time to make a fruity syrup or fancy infusion for your cocktail? No problem, here’s a simple straight-from-the-garden idea for making a refreshing drink  with seasonal charm.

perjoy muddling raspberries

The secret to a rustic and simple cocktail is muddling the fruit right in the glass, adding the sugar and waiting a few minutes for the sugar to release the juices from the fruit and dissolve, creating an almost-instant fruity syrup to use as the base for a simple drink.

perjoy easy muddled raspberries

It’s not as smooth or as concentrated as a well-made syrup but the fresh-picked flavor and no-prep time frame are a big bonus for spontaneous enjoyment. Your guests will have fun doing their own muddling. Then you can slurp up the fruit in the bottom after finishing your drink.

red white and blue spritzer cocktail


Red, White and Blue Spritzer;  —————————

Muddle 6+  red raspberries in the bottom of a wine glass using the back of a spoon

Add 1-2 T of fine sugar and wait, if you can, for the fruit to release their juice, then stir to dissolve all the sugar

Add a chilled white wine – a light, crisp style is best, like a grassy Savignon Blanc or go for a fruity Moscato

Top with sparkling water, if desired, and garnish with fresh blueberries

Equally good with a fruity red wine – classic spritzer proportions are 2:1 wine to seltzer but suit yourself

— For a tasty tea-totaling version, substitute chilled “red” rooibos tea instead of  wine —


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