Garden Deco; Chalk it up

It’s fall… and that’s my favorite excuse to pull out the chalk and mark-up my entry pots.  My simple, unglazed black pots have been dressed up for Halloween ever since the year I didn’t have time to carve some pumpkins….I looked at those big pots and thought…”hey, I wonder if I could draw on those?”.

Chalk Jack-o-lanterns

White chalk on black pots create a spooky welcome

The way they took the chalk worked pretty well and, ever since, I’ve  marked them up with a simple “Merry” or “Happy” or whatever is appropriate for the season. I’ve used them to welcome out-of-town guests or show who our household is rooting for during big games.

Pumpkins and Maples

A plant switch calls for a different design

This year, I had changed out the plant in the big pot from a red “Festival Grass” to a Lace Leaf Japanese Maple. I felt this called for a different look than the jack-o-lantern I usually do. So I took inspiration from  the  “decoration” that is already being provided by some of the creatures that share my garden.

spider web with oak

Seasonal garden decor created by eight-legged inhabitants

The webs that are woven nightly by the garden spiders, who are fattening up to lay their eggs,  are everywhere at this time of year.  They can be so beautiful in the right light or with drops of dew clinging in neat rows. They can also be quite disturbing when they take you by surprise or brush against your face because they have been strung from branch to branch or across a seldom- used garden gate. They seemed the perfect inspiration for being right at home in the garden…but a little spooky too.

chalk spider pot closest

Spider inspired chalk design on this years garden pots

I bet, with the right color of chalk  that this could even be done on terra cotta, or most other unglazed pottery. Next year I’ll have to expand my reach and give that a try as well.  Meanwhile, I’ll remember to appreciate, if not enjoy, a few of the other creatures who share the garden.

Entry pot chalkboard welcome

Chalkboard garden greeting

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One Comment on “Garden Deco; Chalk it up”

  1. Sherry
    October 16, 2013 at 8:50 am #

    Festive, clever and sustainable too!

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