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succulent wreath

Succulents; Adapting Big Ideas to a Small Space

Even if we don’t all have the means to take advantage of succulents on a grand scale, like some of the West’s famous estate gardens, most of us can find a pocket of space to enjoy a bit of nature’s drought-tolerant botanical-sculpture. The lack of rain in California makes this a good year to have fun with water-wise plantings but even […]

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Albright-Souza pot group color mix

Container Gardens; Favorite Pots From Around the World

I’ve been thinking about the importance of pots lately. By pots, I really mean any container that is sufficient for holding a living plant and the soil needed to keep it alive.  Not only are the shapes, sizes and colors, of what we typically think of as a “pot”, endless, but there are so many […]

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Succulent Style

Succulents are justifiably stylish at the moment. In recent  years people have come to appreciate what this varied group of plants can bring to a landscape. I still encounter people who think of low—water gardening, with succulents, as only about pokey, spined “cactus” in a barren rockscape.  While it’s true that cactus are succulents….not all […]

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