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giant red mustard greens

Rainbow Vegetables; Having Fun With An Edible Garden

Color is an important aspect of most gardens, of course, along with texture, form and scale.  But when it comes to planting the vegetable garden, people often don’t think about color with the same sense of significance. Happily, it doesn’t have to be that way…color can be fun and tasty as well.     Harnessing […]

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deer fence raised bed

Oh Deer; Protection for an Edible Garden

Dining out…that phrase has different connotations depending on your point of view. If you are an edible garden enthusiast, your perspective may still be influenced by whether you have two legs or four. If you plant an edible landscape in deer country, it goes without saying that you have to consider how the plants should […]

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Albright-Souza Pink Pearl Apple slice close

Pink Pearl; A Sweetheart of an Apple

It should really be called pink surprise…but that is the name of one of its  parents so we can’t do that…wait,  let me start again.  People often ask me what kind of edibles I grow in my own garden. When the subject of apples comes up, I tell people my personal favorite is “Pink Pearl”. […]

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Naturally dyed eggs perjoy

Eggs-ceptional; Natural Colors for Eggs

They’re a classic for Easter, but now that so many people are keeping their own chickens, colored eggs are fun to do anytime of year. I’ve been dyeing eggs with natural pigments since I was a kid and I still can’t help putting new things into the pot to see what happens. Sometimes it works […]

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Kale Trio with Viola

Kale: Dress It Up — Dress It Down

I love kale. It is the mainstay of my vegetable garden, especially in winter. In the kitchen, it’s like having good denim in your wardrobe – it’s practical, comfortable and dependable. It can be dressed up or down…and it goes with everything.  The interesting leaves can rival many plants for ornamental value alone.  There are […]

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