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deer fence raised bed

Oh Deer; Protection for an Edible Garden

Dining out…that phrase has different connotations depending on your point of view. If you are an edible garden enthusiast, your perspective may still be influenced by whether you have two legs or four. If you plant an edible landscape in deer country, it goes without saying that you have to consider how the plants should […]

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Late Summer Garden with Roses

Summer Stretch; Favorite Late Season Flowers

Early September can be a confusing time. Football has started but Baseball will last for another month, or more. For many, summer is over. Kids have gone back to school and the stores are filling with Halloween items. But technically, the autumn equinox, signaling the official start of fall, is still weeks away. There’s less […]

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Creamy blossoms

In The Garden; Fresh Cream

A little “spring creaming”; freshens the garden, freshens the soul. Add a dollop to sweeten any garden.

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High Romance with Low Water

I have a client who wants a cutting garden and loves pink. I’m happy to say that this classic request can be accommodated with relatively low water and low maintenance. This is what is blooming now, in the February garden, that I brought samples of, to our meeting; Camellia, Narcissus, Manzanita and Australian Fuchsia ‘Sister […]

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