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rum pot layer rainbow vodka

Another Kind of Shrub; Drinking-Vinegars And Other Old-TimeTreats From The Garden

You would think a garden blog about shrubs would be about the best “woody perennials”, but there is another kind of “shrub” worth talking about…and they are for drinking. Also known as drinking vinegars, the word “shrub” is a Colonial word for a sweet fruity vinegar. Originally the result of old-fashioned fruit preserving methods, the […]

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white amaryllis belladonna up close

Garden Moments; Perfect Pears and The Dog Days of Summer

A moment…I had one this morning. It was the best kind…the kind that just sneaks up on you in an ordinary day. I noticed that the first Warren Pear looked like it was ready to eat. I took a bite, expecting a pleasant experience. But apparently, all the things necessary, for this pear and I […]

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belgian fence espalier summer

Edible Garden Art; The Truth About Espaliers

It’s time to talk about espaliers. Not only because winter and early spring is the best time of year to consider planting or making one – but also because I’ve noticed a couple of mis-conceptions about this useful garden form among my design clients, so I think it’s time for an overview.     A review […]

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Glory Vine window

Fall Color; East vs West

I’ve been eager for a double-dose of fall this season. It’s probably because I feel like I’ve missed out somewhat by traveling to the southern hemisphere during October or November in recent years.   I’m not complaining, but it has made me extra appreciative of changing leaves and seasonal hues as the days get shorter.   […]

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Citrus and Rosemary; A Refreshing Combination

Fresh and clean….that’s what most of us crave this time of year. Thankfully, just as we are clearing the pine needles and the last of the holiday decorations, the western garden is capable of giving us a revitalizing gift; citrus. There’s nothing I love more than piling a big platter of lemons or grapefruit in […]

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Albright-Souza Pink Pearl Apple slice close

Pink Pearl; A Sweetheart of an Apple

It should really be called pink surprise…but that is the name of one of its  parents so we can’t do that…wait,  let me start again.  People often ask me what kind of edibles I grow in my own garden. When the subject of apples comes up, I tell people my personal favorite is “Pink Pearl”. […]

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Albright-Souza Plums

Edible Garden Beauty; A Plum Deal

No other fruit has quite the color range of the lovely plum. They are shiny gold, bright ruby, deep amethyst and even delicate tourmaline.  They decorate the garden like jeweled orbs, revealing yet another layer of shining color once you bite into their juicy flesh. Plums are generally classified into two different groups. Japanese plums have large […]

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