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tulips mixed colors

Spring in Motion; Potted Tulips I Have Known

“Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances.” – Maya Angelou. As spring approaches, tulip buds emerge from the folds of nurturing leaves. They slowly rise above the verdant embrace, standing ever taller, like a dancer allowing a green shawl to drop away from her shoulders.     Filled with the turgid vigor of youth, the tumescent […]

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Creamy blossoms

In The Garden; Fresh Cream

A little “spring creaming”; freshens the garden, freshens the soul. Add a dollop to sweeten any garden.

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Crocus; Surprising Setting Inspires a Little Idea

It was one of the most dramatic settings I could have imagined. An ancient ruined amphitheater set on the edge of a precipice overlooking a steep and rocky valley. I was in theTaurus Mountains of southern Turkey clambering over the stone seats of the ruins of the once great city ofTermessos. As I caught my […]

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