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johnny jump ups vertical

Fields of Flowers; Past and Present, Native and Not

Call it a ritual or a pilgrimage or just an old habit. Whatever you call it, every spring I must get eye-level with as many flowers as I can manage. For me personally, if comes from my childhood – where my family took, what we called “Sunday Drives”, in the spring. We loaded into the family […]

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cat relaxes on garden boulder

In the Garden; Play, Relax…. Repeat

There’s still time. There’s still a little more time before summer is over, so I always feel the responsibility to make the most of it. Entertaining a few more times, playing a little harder and generally having as much fun as possible in the time available. But, of course, to do that well you also […]

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Albright-Souza Garden Design Petanque Court With Inserts001

Ready to Play; Designing a Personalized Petanque Court

My client was kind of particular, and if I didn’t get it right I would never hear the end of it. In this case….I was also married to him. Problem solving through design is a kind of puzzle made more challenging the longer the list of needs or restrictions. The backyard once consisted of a […]

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