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giant red mustard greens

Rainbow Vegetables; Having Fun With An Edible Garden

Color is an important aspect of most gardens, of course, along with texture, form and scale.  But when it comes to planting the vegetable garden, people often don’t think about color with the same sense of significance. Happily, it doesn’t have to be that way…color can be fun and tasty as well.     Harnessing […]

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Frosty Beauty

It’s been cold lately, even for my, usually mild, neck-of-the-woods. I find that this is the perfect time to be reminded that the earth gives us beauty in every season and a well designed garden or an eye for natures detail can bring enjoyment throughout the year. When the temperatures drop there can be plenty […]

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Kale Trio with Viola

Kale: Dress It Up — Dress It Down

I love kale. It is the mainstay of my vegetable garden, especially in winter. In the kitchen, it’s like having good denim in your wardrobe – it’s practical, comfortable and dependable. It can be dressed up or down…and it goes with everything.  The interesting leaves can rival many plants for ornamental value alone.  There are […]

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