High Romance with Low Water

I have a client who wants a cutting garden and loves pink. I’m happy to say that this classic request can be accommodated with relatively low water and low maintenance. This is what is blooming now, in the February garden, that I brought samples of, to our meeting;

Camellia, Narcissus, Manzanita and Australian Fuchsia ‘Sister Dawn’.

Correa and Arctostaphylos with Camellia and Narcissus

Romantic Mix in the Winter Garden

This cutting garden will have additional species for summer and fall bloom. The exact combination is still in development but it will keep a pink palette and provide green “structure” throughout the year.

Now that I think about it, this sample mix really embodies my landscape philosophy;

  • Keep the best of tradition. (Camellia, Narcissus)
  • Make fresh use of our western natives. (Manzanita/Arctostaphylos)
  • Explore (new) plants that are native to similar climates. (Australian Fuchsia/Correa)
  • Put them all together in a discerning and graceful way.

Note:  Correa “Sister Dawn” is also known as “Dawn in Santa Cruz” and was brought to market by Dr. Ray Collett who founded the UCSC arboretum. It just so happens that Dr. Collett was my faculty advisor, when I was a student, and that my client was an early supporter of the arboretum in Santa Cruz. So including this plant in her garden will bring extra meaning to both of us and really, that is the ultimate goal for any landscape.

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